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How to tell your parents you are getting a divorce

On Behalf of | Aug 17, 2023 | Family Law

After deciding you want a divorce, the conversation will not end with your spouse and children. You need to inform other loved ones about your decision, including your parents. Of course, how you tell your parents will differ from the talk you had or will have with other parties.

Here is how you can tell them:

Meet them

If possible, you should go to your parent’s house or invite them for a coffee date to inform them about the divorce. If not, you can call them – make sure you have adequate time and are in a quiet place.

Give them details you are comfortable sharing

Your parents were invested in your marriage. Thus, it will be fair to tell them why you want the divorce. Besides, they can support you effectively during and after the process when they understand your choice. However, you don’t need to give them too many details – only what you are comfortable sharing.

Ask for support

It helps to actively ask your parents for the emotional support you might need. Let them know you are going through a hard time. You don’t need to hide your true feelings from your parents.

Set boundaries

When informing your parents about the divorce, consider setting boundaries. They should know you wish the conversation to surround the divorce. You should state the matters you don’t want to discuss or, at least, you are not ready to. 

Your parents will be concerned about your future. They may ask questions regarding matters you haven’t considered yet, including property division, child custody and your financial situation. And this can make you anxious. Therefore, inform them about your wishes earlier in the conversation.

If you are going through a divorce, you should obtain adequate information to make informed decisions throughout the process.