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Physicians Must Not Fail To Perform Basic, Critical Care

Just like you, the members of our firm entrust our lives and health to well-trained physicians to diagnose our individual health concerns. As medical care has developed there is more and more reliance on specialist. All physicians, regardless of their specialty, are held to a standard of acting as a reasonable and prudent physician of the same or similar specialties. One of the last thing that anybody wants to face is the prospect of filing a claim against a person to whom they have previously entrusted their health. However, physicians are human too and can sometimes make errors in judgment or treatment that results in an injury to their patient.

Almost every medical malpractice claim against a physician is handled pursuant to the Indiana Medical Malpractice Act. The Medical Malpractice Act requires that a physician’s conduct may be reviewed by a Medical Review Panel consisting of physicians of the same or similar specialty. This Medical Review Panel first decides whether the physician provided substandard care. If they determine that substandard care was provided, they next decide whether that substandard care was a factor in the resulting damages.

At Gambill Law Office, we’re well-acquainted and well-experienced with the Medical Review Panel process. We are also strongly committed to carefully reviewing each potential claim to determine whether it is an appropriate claim to accept and file. The last thing we are interested in doing is bringing an action against a physician who did no wrong.

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