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What to do when your spouse tells you they want a divorce

On Behalf of | May 17, 2023 | Family Law

Your spouse informing you they want a divorce can be devastating. However, the chances are you may have known this conversation was coming – you may have noticed a few signs. But whether you were prepared for such news or not, this may be challenging. But what should you do next?

Here are three things to consider doing:

Be the best version of yourself

Your spouse asking for a divorce does not mean they gave up on the marriage or are not hurting. They may also be having a hard time. Thus, consider being the best version of yourself. 

Listen to their concerns, answer their questions respectfully and express your voice. You should not act out of anger. Stay calm and be careful about what you say or how you act.

Don’t engage in arguments

You and your spouse may need to figure out crucial things after having the conversation. For example, who will move out, which divorce option will you take or who will stay with the kids? You may agree on matters or can have arguments. 

If you disagree, it will be best to tell them you will have the discussion another time, or you don’t need to get the answers to everything immediately. You should not argue with your spouse because this can be used against you later.

Obtain more information

Information is key when going through a divorce. You should know what to expect and how to protect your interests. Therefore, you need to obtain adequate information from specialists, online platforms and loved ones who have gone through divorce. 

How you respond to your spouse telling you they want a divorce can determine the direction of your case. You may need to get legal help to make informed decisions about your divorce.