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The Dangers Of Driving Through Construction Zones

On Behalf of | Apr 14, 2022 | Car Accidents

You may have noticed orange cones scatting the streets and you know that means it is “construction season.” Driving through construction zones can be hectic and dangerous, even for experienced drivers.

Dangers abound. Here are some of the things you need to know how to avoid when driving through construction zones:

Loose gravel

Large stretches of road construction can be treacherous to drive through. The roads you drive on may have debris whenever roads are being torn up. Gravel and dirt scattered on the road can make it hard for your car to gain traction, causing you to skid. 

Skidding around other cars or into construction zones puts you at risk of serious injuries and possibly totaling your car. Taking it slow in construction zones can give you more time to regain (or retain) control of your car.

Dropped tools

Many of the trucks driving around you could be there for the construction work. These could be carrying small tools and nails that can easily fall out of their truck. These tools and nails could catch underneath your car and give you a flat tire. This could easily cause your car to spin out of control and lead to a wreck. Again, the best thing you can do is slow down and watch for hazards in the road.

Road ragers

Driving through construction can be frustrating for people who are making their way to work. Their frustration could cause them to drive dangerously close to your car. They may even want to drive past you or squeeze between you and the car ahead — and they can turn aggressive and angry when they cannot.

Road ragers can be a distraction when driving past construction sites. Their actions could cause you to suddenly slam on your brakes in fear of being hit. Or, they might even slam into your car if they drive too close. These drivers put you and the drivers around you in danger. Keeping your distance or finding an exit away from the driver could make it safer for you to drive.

You may still find yourself injured in a wreck when driving through a construction zone. It may take experienced legal guidance to help you recover your losses and obtain the compensation you are due.