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3 Tips That Can Save You From A Serious Biking Injury

On Behalf of | Mar 31, 2022 | Car Accidents

It is time to pull down your bike, grease up its wheel and break in a new pair of shoes. You may have, however, forgotten a few safety tips after a long winter vacation.

If you want to avoid serious injuries then you should read this refresher course:

1. Trade out your reflector for active lights

Every bike comes equipped with a backlight reflector and usually a front reflector. They help passing traffic see your bike during the night or in shaded areas. But, motor vehicles, pedestrians, animals and other cyclists can still find it hard to see your bike. This could lead to serious injuries if you are in a collision, which can result in head or spinal trauma. Instead, try adding on active lights that can help others see your approach. 

2. Update your brakes

Your brake pads lose their edge over time causing slower braking times and skidding. Regularly checking the quality of your brakes can ensure you stop early enough to avoid a wreck. Be sure to check your braking cable alongside your brake pads. A loose or broken braking cable can prevent you from stopping altogether. It does not matter how good your brake pads are if your brake cable is not working. Fresh brakes could be the only thing stopping you from colliding with a motor vehicle. 

3. Wear your helmet

Above all else, a helmet can be your most important lifesaver. You will need a well-adjusted and fitted helmet that sits atop your head with minor wiggle room on the jaw strap. If you already have a helmet, then you may need to consider its quality and longevity. The styrofoam inside will wear down after three to five years. Afterward,  you need to toss your old helmet for a new one. Cycling helmets are one must be replaced if you have been in an accident because they lose their structural integrity after a blow.

Cycling incidents are no joke. Take these tips in mind next time you are going for a bike ride.  If you still find yourself in an accident caused by another driver’s mistake then you may need an experienced attorney to help you claim the compensation you are due.