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How Much Child Support Can You Get For Your Children?

On Behalf of | Dec 7, 2021 | Family Law

You and your spouse have decided you cannot stay together any longer. They have moved out and you are taking care of your children. You may not have worked during your marriage. Your spouse said they wanted you at home full-time to take care of your children and home.

Because you have not worked for many years, you may find it hard to find a job. You need the child support to provide for the needs of your children.

By state law, your ex-spouse has to pay child support to you

Indiana’s laws say your spouse must pay financial support for your children until each one turns 19. The parent who does not have custody is the one who pays child support for each of their children.

Indiana’s child support law uses a “shares model.” This is supposed to give your children the same proportion of income from you and your spouse. Your children’s child support is figured out from different factors. These are:

  • Your children’s standard of living while you and your spouse were together
  • Weekly gross income (before taxes) from both parents, self-employment and other income
  • The educational and health needs of your children.

Because you did not work while you were married, your spouse may be responsible for all of the child support.

What happens if your ex-spouse does not pay their child support?

Some parents who do not have custody of their children do not make their child support payments. A prosecutor may go after them in different ways. These include reporting the child support debt to a credit agency. This parent may lose their federal or state income tax refunds. They may give up employer bonuses, lottery winnings or other money.

The parent without custody may have their licenses (driver’s professional, fishing or hunting) suspended. The state may put a lien on their car. Their passport may be revoked.