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Common Divorce Myths

On Behalf of | Jul 3, 2021 | Family Law

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The decision to divorce is one that’s often hard for a person to make. Some people may feel as though they need to try everything they can think of to save the marriage. While it’s possible they will be able to salvage things, it’s sometimes better to end the relationship before it dissolves even more.

For some people, these common divorce myths might be part of the reasons why they don’t want to divorce. Learning the truth about each one might help you to make a decision that’s in your best interests.

Myth #1: You have to hate your ex

Some people may feel hatred toward their ex when they divorce, but this doesn’t have to happen. You might have realized that you don’t love your ex any longer. Nobody should ever consider a lack of hate as a reason to remain married.

Myth #2: You won’t ever fully heal

The healing process after a divorce is one that’s filled with many emotions. As time progresses and you work through those emotions, you’ll likely realize that you are healing. This just might not happen quickly.

Myth #3: You won’t get what you’re due

Some people think that the circumstances of their marriage will limit what they can get in the property division phase of the divorce. State laws set the standards for how things should be split, so even a person who was a stay-at-home parent or spouse should receive a settlement that meets the requirements of the law.

Throughout your divorce, you should evaluate the options you have for each step of the case. You have to do what’s best for you now and in the future so think carefully. Working with a professional can help to ensure you’re prepared and that things are being handled properly.