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How Long Does A Medical Malpractice Case Take?

On Behalf of | Jul 15, 2020 | Medical Malpractice

When you woke up from your surgery and realized everything that had gone wrong, you knew immediately that you wanted to sue your doctor. When you tried to talk to them about the mistakes that led to your injuries, they acted like nothing out of the ordinary had happened.

You’re ready to go to court. You have been collecting documents and want to get in touch with your attorney. The bills are piling up, and you want to hold your doctor accountable.

Just how long will your medical malpractice case take?

It is hard to say exactly how long your medical malpractice case will take, since every case is a little different. However, you will need to file within two years of the date of your injury in most cases. If you’ve been injured, getting in touch with your attorney as soon as possible is a good idea.

Another thing to consider is how busy the court is. There may be multiple hearings and court dates to go through, and they can take years. Generally speaking, the preparation before trial is what takes so long, and for good reason. You and your attorney will need to work together to build up a solid case including:

  • Proof of your injuries
  • Financial documents surrounding your case
  • Copies of your medical records
  • Second opinions
  • Detailed witness statements
  • And other items.

Once you reach trial, the length of the trial will depend on the details that affect the final deliberation.

There can be complications in these cases, which is why it’s a smart choice to work closely with your attorney. It may take time, but you can work on getting the justice you deserve.