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Divorcing? What Happens To Your Wedding Rings?

On Behalf of | May 11, 2020 | Family Law

Many decisions are made when you go through a divorce. One of these is that you have to divide the property that was part of the marriage. While your mind might turn to things like the marital home and vehicles, you also have to think about smaller assets, such as art collections and jewelry. One particular item of jewelry might pose some challenges – the wedding ring. 

In Indiana, the wedding set is treated like any other marital asset. Its fate is determined in the property division process. One party might try to fight to keep the set if it is a family heirloom or if it has sentimental value for any reason, such as the diamond being from a beloved family member. 

When a woman gets to keep her wedding set, she has to determine what to do with it. Some will put it away for a child in the future while others will sell it. Some women redesign the ring into something that’s special to them and not symbolic of the marriage it stemmed from. 

Some women find the ring difficult to remove even though the marriage is over. There are many reasons for this, including feeling protected by the symbolism the ring provides when they don’t want attention from potential suitors. Others say they feel as though society will view them as divorced or unmarried and equate that with them being a failure. 

As you move through the legal process to end your marriage, remember that you have to do what’s in your best interests — emotionally and financially. Make sure that you consider the disposition of your wedding ring set as part of your divorce process.