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Turn Divorce’s Legal Challenges Into Opportunities

Disputes are part of the divorce process — they are “baked into the cake,” so to speak. But when cooler heads prevail, disagreements between divorcing spouses can be settled outside of court, saving both parties significant money and eliminating much of the stress associated with divorce.

What is the secret to reaching solutions through negotiations and avoiding going to court to settle every aspect of your divorce? Certainly, the attitude that both spouses bring to the process plays a major role. The lawyers involved in your divorce also have a significant impact on how it will play out. The minute we learn what attorney your spouse has retained, we can give you a good sense of how your case will proceed.

Experience With Complex, Contested Divorces

We have extensive experience representing clients in complex divorce cases with significant assets to divide. Our attorneys at Wagner, Crawford & Gambill have the resources to accurately value second homes, pensions, retirement accounts and other assets in order to assure that marital property is fairly divided.

We can play hardball if that is required. Our litigation record in family law matters stand up to the closest scrutiny. But we prefer to help our clients resolve their issues outside of court and move on with their lives.

A Solutions-Oriented Approach That Always Protects Your Interests

At Wagner, Crawford & Gambill in Terre Haute, we seek solutions on behalf of our clients that achieve their goals while eliminating the angst that so many others attach to divorce. How do we do this? Our thorough knowledge of Indiana family law and our experience handling hundreds of different cases provide us insight into what is reasonable and what is not regarding custody, spousal support and other matters.

We are candid with our clients. If you come to us in a combative mood and want to push your demands well beyond what will ultimately be approved, we will tell you as much. Similarly, if a client wants to spend far more money litigating a dispute than it is worth, we will say something. There is no sense spending $10,000 arguing over a $5,000 matter.

The First Meeting Is On Us

Our clients have told us they appreciate our divorce lawyers’ candor, level-headed approach and knack for finding effective solutions in a cost-effective manner.

Your solutions begin with a free consultation. Call 812-645-7042 or email us to schedule an appointment.