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Can You See A Divorce Coming? Here Are 4 Signs

On Behalf of | Apr 10, 2023 | Family Law

Some people who have gone through divorce attest they didn’t see it coming. They thought their marriage was in a good place, but then their spouse informed them they wanted a divorce. 

Several factors lead to a divorce, but most of them also cause usual fights that are solved. So, how can you tell you are at the irreconcilable stage? Here are four signs to pay attention to that should set off alarm bells:

1. There are too many fights

Of course, couples fight, but it’s alarming when the frequency and intensity of the fight get out of hand. If you and your spouse have too many disagreements and argue about anything, you may be headed for a divorce, especially if you no longer solve fights.

2. There are no fights at all

The lack of fights in a relationship may also be a problem. If your spouse no longer brings up issues or you don’t, the chances are you may be losing interest in the relationship, so you don’t see a reason to solve them.

3. You’re avoiding each other

You should be alarmed when you and your spouse find reasons to avoid each other or always call friends or family members to hang out with them, avoiding spending time alone.

4. Boundaries are crossed

Undoubtedly, you and your spouse have boundaries you have been observing throughout the marriage. It can be physical, mental or emotional space, sexual intimacy, material possession or spiritual boundaries — among others. You should be concerned when they no longer respect them. Constantly crossing boundaries can be a sign of an oncoming divorce.

If the following signs persist in your home, you may be headed for a divorce. Thus, you should be prepared. And when the time comes, getting legal help to determine the most suitable options for your case and protect your interests is your best option.