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What If You Get Hurt In A Hit-And-Run Wreck In Indiana?

On Behalf of | Jan 4, 2023 | Car Accidents

After a car crash, you are might end up stuck at the scene of the collision for some time while you wait for the police to come and take your report about what happened. Typically, only those with a medical reason can leave the scene of a crash that causes significant property damage or injury to others without violating Indiana state law.

Unfortunately, some drivers will speed off from the scene of a recent collision, leaving the person who did not cause the crash to worry about how they will cover the cost of their medical treatment or vehicle repairs. Hit-and-run collisions are a common enough issue that drivers in Indiana need to know about their rights after such a crash .

The police will help investigate

You still have an obligation to report a hit-and-run crash even if the other driver does not stop. Doing so will help you in several ways. The police report can help you make use of your insurance coverage, as your policy will include uninsured motorist coverage that will apply after a hit-and-run.

Additionally, law enforcement professionals will need to investigate the hit-and-run crash to see if they can determine who caused the wreck. Traffic cameras and body repair shop records are among the evidence that police might use to locate the other driver.

If they successfully find the person who caused the crash, you may be able to make a claim against their insurance coverage or possibly file a civil lawsuit if you’re losses are extensive or they don’t have proper insurance.

What if you can’t find the other driver?

Unfortunately, many people injured by hit-and-run drivers in Indiana must come to terms with the reality of the situation, which is that if the police cannot find the other driver, they won’t be able to file an insurance claim or a civil lawsuit to make that person pay for the damages they cause.

You may end up completely dependent on your own insurance policy after a hit-and-run crash, which is one of the strongest arguments for carrying extra coverage on your own policy. Exploring your options for paying your expenses after a hit-and-run collision will make it easier for you to move on after a wreck.