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3 Tips To Avoid Harming Your Vehicle Crash Injury Claim

On Behalf of | Dec 8, 2022 | Car Accidents

Insurance companies want to keep their profits, so they do not always offer enough money to address car accident-related injuries. Without sufficient compensation, you may have trouble paying for necessary medical care if your injuries are severe.

Your auto insurance claim is critical when a crash leaves you seriously injured. The tips below can help you take the right steps with your claim to help ensure you get what you deserve.

Know the law

Under Indiana accident compensation laws, you have two years (from the accident date) to file your claim, although most people do not wait that long. Another crucial element to understand is the state’s modified comparative fault rules.

So long as you bear less fault than the other motorist, you can still obtain compensation. However, the percentage of fault that lies with you will be deducted from your award.

Strengthen your claim with medical documentation

You can expect insurance adjusters to investigate the injury portion of your claim extensively. They will probably want to look at the medical records associated with your accident injuries.

Always follow your doctor’s orders and never miss your follow-up appointments. This can ensure that there are no gaps in your accident treatment history that could draw the interest of a claims adjuster.

Watch what you say to insurers

Insurance adjusters can use your words against you, perhaps by claiming you caused the crash or suffered only minor injuries. You must report your accident, but be careful not to say anything that could compromise your claim.

Consider obtaining legal representation before speaking with your insurer. Typically, insurance companies know better than to use questionable tactics when a claimant has legal guidance.