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3 Kinds Of Injuries With Costs Beyond What Car Insurance Pays

On Behalf of | May 31, 2022 | Personal Injury

Indiana has more insurance requirements than many other states. Every driver needs to carry at least $25,000 worth of bodily injury liability coverage in case they hurt someone and $50,000 in bodily injury coverage in case a crash leaves two or more people hurt.

Every driver also needs to have at least $25,000 worth of uninsured motorist protection and $50,000 worth of underinsured motorist protection. For those who suffer one of the three debilitating injuries below, even a combination of their own coverage and the other driver’s policy might not be enough to cover their costs.


Both traumatic amputations that occur at the scene of a crash and surgical amputations that take place afterward can cost someone thousands of dollars in medical support and tens of thousands of dollars in lost future income.

The need for prosthetic devices and accommodations in daily life can push the cost of a lost limb or extremity well over what insurance will pay in Indiana.

Spinal cord injuries

Like amputations, spinal cord injuries often require expensive trauma care right after an accident and also cause lifelong earning limitations for the person affected.

Even incomplete spinal cord injuries will probably have a six-figure price tag in care the first year and require tens of thousands of dollars in treatment every year for the rest of someone’s life.

Traumatic brain injuries

If you hurt your brain, you might have issues with your memory or develop issues with your balance. In extreme cases, brain injuries leave people on life support, completely dependent on expensive medical care just for survival.

Those coping with extreme medical costs and a lifetime of diminished earnings may need to look into all of their options, not just insurance claims, to cover their crash-related expenses. Recognizing the limitations of car insurance after an Indiana car wreck will help you preserve your quality of life and financial stability when you suffer a catastrophic injury.