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Dangers To To Keep In Mind While Shopping

On Behalf of | Oct 29, 2021 | Personal Injury

Many individuals view shopping as a leisurely activity. While window shopping can indeed be a relaxing experience, it can be a dangerous one, too.

You can suffer injuries before you step out of your car or enter the store, or travel on foot among storefronts. Take time to learn more about the situations in which you need to take additional precautions to remain safe.

Dangers that parking lots pose

Retail parking lots are dangerous from the moment that you pull into them. The speed limit is generally fairly low but motorists seldom adhere to it. There’s also a stronger likelihood that motorists will be distracted, whether it’s because they’re testing out their new purchase as they drive or responding to the calls or text messages that they didn’t get to while shopping in-store.

There are dangers when walking from your car into the store. Property management companies are responsible for maintaining the lots. They may put off filling in potholes due to the expense, leaving you vulnerable to tripping and falling. There’s also the security threat in the parking lot. It’s easy for would-be criminals to lie in wait behind, in or around automobiles waiting to rob, carjack or assault you. There’s the danger of errant shopping carts and distracted motorists backing out and striking you.

In-store injury dangers that you need to worry about

The potentially hazardous situations that you face don’t end once you walk inside the store. Some details that you need to worry about include:

  • Frayed, curled up or worn mats at the entryway
  • Wet, soapy or wax residue on flooring
  • Chipped or uneven tiles
  • Falling merchandise

This isn’t close to a comprehensive list of potential sources of danger, but these by themselves can cause life-threatening injuries or death.

Concerns such as tripping and falling on icy sidewalks and objects falling off buildings onto individuals traveling underneath are two additional risks.

Property owners have a responsibility to maintain safe premises. You may have a valid reason to pursue a premises liability claim if they fail to uphold their duties and someone gets hurt.