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What Is The Most Dangerous Day To Drive?

On Behalf of | Mar 26, 2021 | Car Accidents

Driving is dangerous any day of the week. There are no exceptions. Even so, it’s clear that not all days carry the exact same level of risk out there on the roads.

If you’re trying to stay safe and avoid the most dangerous day for driving, which one is it? 

The weekend surge is a real safety issue for drivers

As you may expect, the weekend is more dangerous than any weekday. People do drive a lot for work, school, and the like during the week, but there is still plenty of traffic on the weekends. It’s also spread out differently. The traffic level during the week is greatest during rush hour, but the middle of the day — when many workers are at the office and students are in school — sees a lull. You don’t get that on the weekend. 

That said, the most dangerous day of the week to drive is Saturday. You have busy traffic all day long during the day as people run errands, travel, spend time with friends and enjoy leisure activities. You also have a lot of drunk driving accidents that happen early on Saturday morning — after people go out drinking on Friday evening — and then again on Saturday evening and night. In many cases, you also get drunk driving accidents in the middle of the day, especially during the summer, when people tend to have backyard barbeques, trips to the beach and other such events where drinking is common. 

Is avoiding Saturday travel enough to keep you safe?

It’s certainly true that avoiding Saturday driving can keep you safer, but is it enough? It’s not. Car accident risks exist every day, every time you drive, and you need to know what options you have if you get injured. It’s often better to let an attorney handle your claim with the insurance company involved to avoid problems and delays.